*smooches you guys for all the hard work put into this project*
- hamburgergod

January 18th 2014   0 notes  
hey guys i'm looking at the reveal list but i can't differentiate who didn't get their gift, am i overlooking something?
- Anonymous

It’s written their url and then “was not gifted” :)

January 18th 2014   0 notes  

We were asked a few times so it’s good to make a post about it:

For the good souls that want to make gifts for those that unfortunately didn’t receive theirs, we ask for you to contact them directly cause our activities are now closed. The names of those that didn’t receive are in the authors reveal list, in case you want to make them happy! :)

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Hey, are we allowed to reblog our submissions now that they've been revealed?
- lola-haze

Yes, my dear! :DD

January 18th 2014   0 notes  

Authors revealing!

Here it is, folks! Time to finally kill your curiosity! :D

And sorry y’all had to wait for so long but you can now post your works wherever you want to! \o/

Also, all the posts will be edited with the author’s name but please be patient as it’ll take some time!

Have fun!

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January 18th 2014   11 notes  
On a slightly more positive note than the anons before me, I was so glad I could be part of this and submit the works I did. If only I could have managed a few more so you all could have gotten your presents :( You mods did a great job trying to make ends meet though. We were so many people after all! <3 (also, the mod who doesn't have anon enabled on her blog might just be my first tumblr-crush >///<)
- Anonymous

Awwww dear you are an angel for helping us!!! Shhh don’t feel bad you already helped a lot by submitting works!! <33 So thank you! :333

And asdfvgbsdhdgs omg I think you’re talking about me but asdfdhadg *blushes and hugs you* <333333

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And that’s it!

We’re officially closed!

We’d just like to thank you all who really took part in it and were very supportive since the beginning! Like said before, it was the first time we ever did something like this and we made many mistakes, some of you even didn’t get your gifts! :( But we tried and hope this all gave a little extra cheer to your Holidays! :)

And an extra special thanks to the pinch hitters that helped us!! Many of you signed for both the regular and for pinch hitting and wow really if it wasn’t for your help even more people wouldn’t have gotten their gifts so thank you and I hope you find extra bucks in that old jacket of yours! :3

And the author’s reveal is on Saturday!! Don’t forget!! :DD

And in case you like to take part in events, there’s the SPN Art Challenge every month over at teamfreewill-fanart! Run cause this month’s is right around the corner! :D



January 16th 2014   6 notes  
Aww well, it's good to know I'm not the odd duck out who didn't get their gift, either. I concur with the other anons: thanks so much for organizing this and for all the time and effort you put into it - you guys rock!
- Anonymous

Awww guys, you are breaking my heart! :((((((( I swear I did everything I could for everyone to get their gifts! But if in the end people didn’t submit, what else can I do… =/// If I was an artist or writer I’d pinch hit for everyone myself but unfortunately I’m neither. :(

But thank you for being understanding and supportive! You rock!!


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I agree with the anon just now! I didn't get my gift but I want to tell my secret santa to not worry about it and that I understand. It was the thought that counted anyways! and thank you so much for organizing all this, I had a blast :))
- Anonymous

Awww dear thank you for being so great and understanding!!

January 16th 2014   2 notes  
Thank you all for organizing this. I don't think I ever got my gift but it was still great to see so much supernatural art and writing and I really appreciate all the work that you must have put in. I also loved writing prompts - I hope you run it again!
- Anonymous

Awww dear I’m really sorry you didn’t get your gift! But thank you for taking part in it and for supporting us! <3

January 16th 2014   1 notes